About Us

Gogo's Bootcamp Agent Attraction is a program designed with laser focus on real estate agent attraction and retention, the perfect fit for anyone aiming to attract top real estate agents. 

The ultimate guide to mastering agent attraction and building a high-performing team

Gogo’s Bootcamp – Agent Attraction is a 2-comma Club award-winning course designed for real estate professionals who want to start a real estate team/downline. It is based on the strategies Gogo used to build the #teamgogo organization, she attracted 250+ agents personally in 5 years, breaking the company’s records, and her downline counts with 1500+ agents all over the US and 7 other countries. 

Gogo’s Bootcamp teaches everything about how to build a successful and high-performing team. Gogo breaks down complex concepts into 5 practical and easy-to-follow modules, teaching everything from the basics to the advanced team building strategies like leadership skills, mindset, effective team communication, onboarding process, agent celebration and retention, how to create a place where your agents are happy to stay, and more. 

Plus, Gogo’s hands-on approach and actionable advice ensure that you can implement what you learn immediately and see real results.

Gogo’s Bootcamp Agent Attraction is not just about training. It’s about transforming your mindset and equipping you with the confidence to tackle any challenge. We teach everything about how to build a successful team that not only meets but exceeds your business goals.