What's Included:
  • Gogo's Bootcamp Agent Attraction Digital Training Library with 150+ videos
  • ​Access to weekly "Tech Tuesday" live group coaching calls during your subscription 
  • ​Lifetime access to private student Facebook group for support

Module 1: Attracting
(Mindset, Expectations, and Systems)

  • ​Mindset and expectations when attracting agents
  • ​Exact tools I use for agent attraction 
  • And So Much More..

Module 2: Attracting (Strategies)

  • ​Mindset and expectations when attracting agents
  • ​​Exact tools I use for agent attraction
  • ​Organic social media strategies for attraction
  • ​Paid social media strategies for attraction

Module 3: Onboarding (Systems)

  • ​How to structure your calls
  • ​​Best objection handlers for agent attraction
  • Agent follow-up strategies
  • Agent onboarding systems

Module 4: Retaining (Celebrations)

  • ​​Agent retention strategies
  • ​How to support the agents on your team
  • ​How to celebrate their achievements
  • ​How to help your agents to grow their knowledge

​Module 5: Scaling (Team benefits, The hub, Multiply Yourself)

  • ​How to set up your team hub
  • ​What you can offer on your team hub
  • ​How the team hub can help you support your team
Billed monthly, for five months.

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