Gogo's Bootcamp - Agent Attraction is for everyone who wants to attract agents to their team or brokerage without wasting time and money trying to figure it all out on their own.
Use the exact proven systems I used to attract over 240+ agents in just 4 years.


Everything you need to know about starting to attract your agents!

  •  90% of your success is 6'' between your ears. So mindset is the fundamental of agent attraction. 
  • ​​In order to sell a product, you need to know the product. Not only that you need to know your own product (brokerage) that your selling, but you must know the competition. So you can beat them with their own numbers. 
  • ​You need to track your numbers. (I share my wealth chart)
  • ​Having the right tools for agent attraction is very important. So in the 1st Module we cover the importance of having your own .com. Also all of the other systems that I use; Calendly, CRM Grow, Website, Eventbrite, Google Maps, Pink Sheet, LinkTree, Facebook group, Loom, Zapier integrations, ClickFunnels, Trello,... etc

All the strategies I use to attract an agent!

  • ​Social Media optimization
  • ​The fundamental of organic Social Media marketing for agent attraction
  • ​Organic Social Media strategies for attraction
  • ​Paid strategies for agent attraction (Ads)
  • ​"3 Agents in 30 days" challenge (30 days posting challenge)
  • ​Guidance on how to create "Why I joined..." video
  • We will show you strategies to build a relationship with other agents, earn their trust, and attract them.
  • We will explain to you step-by-step how to set up your accounts, create the "Zapier" integration, and run and launch the ADs for your Agent Attraction.

My step-by-step of everything your agent needs to know when he joins your team!

  • I will show you how to structure your calls
  • ​Objection handling - these are my exact objection handling word for word. For exemple: "But I love my brokerage", "my brokerage is cheaper", "I'm capped", "but I need an office"
  • ​We have something called "The ultimate email" and we are going to share a copy with you that will improve your follow-up game!
  • You will learn what you should do after an agent finally decides to pull the trigger and finally join you
  • ​The work really starts after they join, because now you have to onboard them

I will show you everything I do to retain my agents!

  • You will find all the strategies I use on agent retention 
  • You will get to know all the tools we work with (Trello board, Google form, Eventbrite, Gifts & Celebration spread sheet, Google calendar)
  • You will learn how to set up the same tools and how to work with these systems
  • ​I explain our weekly training schedule and the ideas behind them
  • ​We talk about how to celebrate your agents, because what gets celebrated, gets duplicated. Also, because agents that feel the love, and feel that they belong, STAY!
  • ​I do a presentation every week where I explain our brokerage's model, because most agents feel comfortable inviting, not presenting. We explain how to create this Eventbrite event and how to share it
  • ​After that you will be able to use these systems to retain your agents on your own team/brokerage!

I will show you how I use my Team Hub and what benefits I offer to my agents!

  • We built a massive team hub for our agents, because it's cute while you have 20 agents asking you for the zoom link today, and it's totally different ball game when you have a thousand of them. So building a hub where they can access everything is absolutely necessary. In this Module we go into detail explaining every button on my hub
  • ​You will learn how we do the agent onboarding process on our team, even better, I share a direct link to our onboarding department. Yes, I'm offering you my onboarding department, so you can onboard your agents if you wish
  • We explain how we keep our referrals in house, because of the team map we've built
  • ​I also share every tracker, agreement, logos, everything that you can think of with my agents. If I have, it's already unbranded and they can access it through Gogo drive. We explain how you can do the same
  • ​When your agents join they will ask you the same question everyday. "Okay, Gogo. I've finished this. Now what?". So they pretty much need the step-by-step instructions. We call it "1st 90 Days on team...". We give you a copy of that
  • ​​You will see the strategy I use to “multiply myself” and get all the work done!

Get Access To 
Gogo's bootcamp - Agent Attraction

Get Access To 
Gogo's bootcamp  Agent Attraction

Billed monthly, for five months.
  • The 5 Modules will be released one by one every 30 days, for five months. 
  •  On the day of purchase, you get access to Module 1;
    On month 2,  you get Module 2; On month 3, you get Module 3; On month 4, you get Module 4; On month 5, you get Module 5.
  • Once Module 5 is release, you have 30 days left before your subscription ends.
  • When your five-month subscription is over, you'll be able to keep your access to bootcamp (and all your progress will remain in tact) by opting-in for the Continuity Subscription at $197/month. You can cancel it anytime.

You Also Get Access To:

Our private Facebook group is a community where students can connect with each other and get in touch with my support team. It's an exclusive space for students to ask questions, share resources, and get assistance as needed.
I understand that technology can sometimes be frustrating, and my team is here to provide you effective support to help you get back on track. Every Tuesday you can join my team on the "Tech Tuesday" live group coaching calls to get tech support on your systems set up!

I'm Gogo,

The Bootcamp Creator And Instructor,

They say the 3rd time is the charm, right? Well, I'm the perfect example of that. Since it took me 3 tries to build my team GRET (Gogo's Real Estate Team).

But that was when I thought the only way of building a team and removing myself from production is by building a traditional team in Real Estate, inside the umbrella of a brokerage.

Well fast forward to 2023, I'm much smarter now and I do have a local team who does all my transactions and I can proudly say I have FINALLY removed myself from transactions 100%!

Also, I never bought a lead, even to this day we organically generate all the leads. I have no overhead and still don't have an office. I joke and say I own a printer. Oh and I don't even live in the state where my team sells Real Estate! By the way, we closed close to $500,000 GCI in 2022.

Then I realized there are other ways to build a team too. There are brokerages in this world where you can help build the company and help generate revenue, and if you do that they share the revenue back with their agents. If you are with any of those brokerages, or you own your own... 

You can build as I did too. I built an organization that we call the #teamgogo International Family of Agents, we are in 40+ different states in the US and in 6 different countries. There are over 1070 of us as I'm typing this and we closed $5M short of $2Billion in 2022. Yes, you read it right, it’s a B, I’m talking about BILLIONS!

When I joined the brokerage that I'm with (and I'm not naming it on purpose, not because I am not proud of where I'm at, BUT because this Agent Attraction course has nothing to do with what brokerage you are with) I told my sponsor that "I'll bring 100 agents!" he laughed and said, "When you do I'll buy you a Rolex". If you look above at the photo at the top of this website you'll see a fat Rolex on my wrist that I did not pay for it!

But why am I saying all of this? Well, we have 3 lessons in this story:

First: Dare me! Try and dare me! You will do me the biggest favor. I'm super competitive. I will do it 2x, take photos, and post them. LOL

Second: The most important part of this lesson is the "4 min mile" story. When I said I will bring 100+ agents I had no idea because no one did it before. My gut feeling said “I can bring 100” so I said it out loud and I did it. I actually brought 240+ by far (who have friends and turned into 1070). So it's possible! Just like the 4 min mile seemed impossible until someone did it. Now it's possible for all of us.

Third: Even BIGGER lesson!!! If I can do it, anyone can! You got this with your eyes closed.

Then when agents started seeing my name creeping up on our company rosters they started asking me "Hey Gogo how do you do this?", "What do you do?"; "Can you show me?"; "Can you walk me through your day-to-day?"; "What CRM programs do you use?"; "What systems do you have?"... You got the just of it right? That’s when I decided to teach in the world (an online school for our agents), started traveling and doing public speaking, and shared what I learned about team building, systems, processes, branding, marketing, mindset, agent attraction, and agent retention. Over time I realized I was answering the same set of questions over and over again. So I decided to take a step back, and create video-based content about my knowledge that today we call Gogo's Bootcamp - Agent Attraction course and that's how you got here and are still reading this long story. LOL
You have probably seen me somewhere, on any of the Social Media platforms, some people call me the Social Media Queen of Real Estate for a reason! Or maybe you saw me speak in person or heard one of my hundreds of hours of podcasts online where I share snippets of my knowledge and you want MORE of it… You want it all in detail, step-by-step so you could take these lessons I've learned and implement them into YOUR business so you can see similar results and not have to reinvent the wheel. And I’m saying SIMILAR because I can't guarantee you will have the same results because I don't know you and I can't guarantee that you and I have the same work ethic either.

Do you want to chase the next commission for the rest of your life? I bet not! So are you ready to take those connections you made with other Real Estate agents in the 5-10-20-30 years you've been doing Real Estate and build a local team, a brokerage, or a downline/organization? If so, well I am your girl! I've done it myself! I pulled those numbers personally. I have learned some tricks, but most importantly I have built systems to have a great oil machine that works even when I don't. 😉

Gogo's Bootcamp is a 2x 2 Comma Club award-winning course. Which means we have sold for multiple 7 digits. I'm super proud of that. And now we are revamping it to make it easier to access for EVERYONE.

We broke the course up into 5 modules:

1. Agent Attraction (Mindset, Expectations, and Systems)
2. Agent Attraction (Strategies for Attraction)
3. Onboarding
4. Retaining (Celebrations)
5. Scaling (Team Benefits, The Hub, Multiply yourself)

By clicking on the button below you can opt-in for the 5-month program. Each month our system will charge your account and you will get access to the new module. Then you have a month to watch all the videos and implement what you have learned. After 5 months you will lose your access. If you are worried that you can't get it all done in 5 months, NO WORRIES. We have a continuity program you can sign up for as long as you need it and cancel at any time.

That being said, now it’s time for YOU to take action…

Let me guide you to your success!

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What Industry Leaders Say About Gogo

"If you want to learn how to have success, follow the people that are doing it the best. Gogo is by far one of the people doing it the best, very simple! Follow what she does, learn how and what she does, if you follow half of it, you'll have massive success. Gogo is that good."
Curtis Shewell
Business Mentor
Real Estate Coach
I've coached thousands of people around the world. Gogo Bethke is one of the rare few who combine an unbelievable work ethic with incredible connection skills to attract and develop the best people in the world. She is the go to person on agent attraction because she's the real deal all the way around. 
Coach Micheal Burt
17× Author
Wall Street Journal Best seller
Performance Coach to top people around the world
"Gogo is one of the smartest and impressive leaders I have had the pleasure of learning from. Her systems are efficient and easy to use. The community she has built is a reflection of her skill set and unique strategies that WORK!"
Veronica Figueroa
#1 eXp Team World Wide 2000+ Homes in 21/22
Speaker/Coach to RE Teams
Gogo's bootcamp is second to none when it comes to agent attraction. I personally know hundreds of agents who have signed up and were very happy with the results. I signed up twice because there was so much information. 
Mark Z.
Real Estate Expert
Top 10 Real Estate Team In The World
I've been successfully recruiting in real estate for over 20 years so I can confidently say that Gogos approach to recruiting is top notch. She has great value to offer, an honest no nonsense approach and the ability to teach that to others. 
Chuck & Angela Fazio
International Real Estate Team Builders
"While in a room of our peers Gogo showed us behind the scenes of what she's done and is doing... It was a mic drop moment. She inspires me."
Hank Avink
Head Coach at National Coaching League
"I am very fortunate to spend time & work with some of the top entrepreneurs & leaders in the world. My good friend Gogo definitely fits in that category. She's proven that having built some of the most successful real estate teams in the country over the past years. If you're looking for a coach to help build & scale your team, she's your girl!"
 Ken Joslin

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Gogo’s Bootcamp Agent Attraction’s FAQ's:

What is this course about?
Gogo's Bootcamp Agent Attraction course is a specialized training program designed to help agents/brokers learn how to attract agents to their teams, downlines and brokerages. It's a step-by-step video based course all the way from the foundation of agent attraction (mindset) to systems and processes, trackers all the way to agent retention. Because it's one thing to make them come and another thing to make them stay.
Who is this course for?
Gogo's Bootcamp Agent Attraction is for anyone who wants to attract agents to their team, downline and brokerage with proven systems.
Will this system work if I’m in a small market?
It works for any market size! For Pete sakes I have built my team and downline from Pinckney, MI. The reason why you have not heard of Pinckney, MI should tell you that "YES" you can do this from anywhere. 
What will I learn in this course?
The course is five different modules spread out in a 5 month period to give you time to set up all your systems and learn what you need to learn. Above on the website you will find each module's content broken down in more detail. 
​How long does the course take to complete?
The course consists of 5 modules, with 1 module being released per month. Upon completion of the 5-month subscription, you may choose to participate in the Continuity Program if you need more time. 
​What is the Continuity Program?
By paying $197 monthly, you can keep your access and revisit the content for as long as you need it and cancel at any time.
Is there a specific start and end date for the course?
Upon purchasing the course, you will immediately get access to the 1st Module. Login information for the members area will be sent to your email. 
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes! You can choose to cancel your subscription at anytime. There's no refund for the modules you already paid for.
Can I interact with other students in the course?
Yes. You will have access to a private Facebook group where students can connect with each other and get in touch with my support team. It's an exclusive space for students to ask questions, share resources, and get assistance as needed.
How much does the course cost?
It's a 5 Module series. Each Module is $497 billed monthly. After the 5 months if you need more time you can sign-up for the Continuity Program at $197 a month.   
​Do you attract agents for us?
No. I can't do the work for you. You will actually have to do the work for your agent attraction while I do the work for mine. Nothing works unless you do.  
Can I invite other people to the facebook group?
No, only paid students. 
​What content do I need to create on my own before starting or will you guys be providing me with any content?
This agent attraction bootcamp it's mostly mindset, systems and processes, trackers and steps to celebrate your agents. As for how you want to agent attract is up to you. These systems will work if you want to do it online, in person events or cold calling, or whatever your style is. I do it my way, you do it at yours. Since I attract with the power of social media you are going to find a lot of ideas along those lines. 
I didn’t receive the email with login information after my purchase. What should I do?
It might take up to 30 minutes. So keep refreshing. If you still don't have it after 30 minutes please email us at suppport@gogosbootcamp.com
Where can I access the “Tech Tuesday” coaching calls?
When you login into the “members area” you will be able to access the live calls. The lives will be streamed inside the "members area" and you will receive an email every time a live call is started with the link to go straight to the call.
Will you help me hire a VA or give me one?
No. I don’t provide this service. But I have a company to recommend that can help you with that. It’s called We Clone You, and you can use my link and get a discount on your first Virtual Assistant.
Can I give my team access to any of the training that I've purchased from you guys to train them?
We provide only ONE access per client that purchases the Bootcamp. Take what you've learned and implement it into your business and feel free to teach your team yourself. 
Do you offer a refund or guarantee?
No. There's no refund. You can cancel your subscription at anytime. The module that you've paid for is yours for the remainder of the month, after that you will loose your access. 

I don't believe in get-rich-quick programs. I believe in hard work, adding value and serving others. And that's what my programs are designed to help you do. As stated by law, I can’t and I don’t make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money with my ideas, information, programs or strategies. I don't know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? I’m here to help you by giving my greatest strategies to move you forward and faster. However, nothing on this page or any of my websites or emails is a promise or guarantee of future earnings.
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