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NOW copy the exact strategies I used to attract over 137 agents to my brokerage in just over 2 years!

For Years, I Only Sold Real Estate...

A special message from the office of Gogo Bethke.

March 14, 2021

For years I only sold real estate...

For years I had to rely on the next commission check...

For years I only had one stream of income as an agent...

That was until I was introduced to agent attraction and how you can build high-leverage streams of income by attracting agents to join your team or brokerage.

Since then, I've attracted over 137 agents to join me at #teamgogo and am in the top 5 agent "recruiters" at my brokerage with over 38,000 other agents.

This has provided me with a very stable, consistent stream of high-leveraged income that makes it so I don't even have to sell real estate if I don't want to.

So obviously, agents, brokers and team leaders ask me all the time:

"How do you attract agents?"

"Can you come out with a program for agent attraction?"

And after receiving hundreds of those requests, I decided to create the ultimate agent attraction training program that shows you exactly how to:

✅ Get quality agents booking times to chat in your calendar about joining your team/brokerage.

✅ Become an agent magnet who attracts agents instead of "recruiting" them 🧲

✅ Build an additional, stable stream of income through agent attraction

And now, if you want in on this program...

Click the button below to apply.

I'm looking for just a handful of agents to turn into agent attraction magnets. If that's you, you'll get all the strategies, tools and resources I've used to attract over 137 agents to my brokerage in just over 2 years...

Without reaching out to them! They all came to me. That's why this is the "Agent Attraction Bootcamp" not the "Agent Recruiting Bootcamp" lol.

You catch my drift?

If so, there's no time to waste.

Spots in this program are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Click the button below to apply to join the Agent Attraction Bootcamp. If accepted, I look forward to helping you grow your team and/or brokerage.

To your success,

Gogo Bethke

What Other Top Recruiters Have To Say About Gogo's Agent Attraction Methods

Curt Shewell

"If you look at our entire brokerage, Gogo's the #1 person for bringing in more agents to the company than any other individual person. If you want to be the best, then you have to learn from the best, and that's Gogo."

Chuck Fazio

"I built one if the largest independent brokerages in the country with over 900 agents. Gogo by far is one of the best agent recruiters and attractors in the industry. Second to none."

Curtis Johnson

"I've watched as Gogo's gone from nothing to 90+ agents faster than anyone in the history of our brokerage. She's able to do the right things, say the right things, and she's helped me go out and attract agents."

Albie Stasek

"I've been in awe of watching Gogo grow. I love the fact that she has mastered better than anyone else, the art of attracting agents to her group versus chasing them."

The Ultimate Agent Attraction Resource For Realtors

Over 100 videos to help you attract agents like a magnet 🧲

Student Facebook group with direct access to me and the team for support.

Live group coaching calls where you can ask us anything & get feedback.

Summary Of What You Get

  • 100+ videos on the exact strategies I used to attract over 137 agents to my brokerage in just over 2 years
  • Organic social media strategies for agent attraction
  • ​Organic messaging strategies
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising training for building your team
  • ​Direct access to me and my team through our exclusive Facebook group. We are your mentors!
  • ​Agent onboarding strategies that allow you to scale efficiently
  • ​Agent retention strategies to get them to stay with you for life
  • ​The exact tools I use to attract agents like a magnet
  • ​Agent follow up strategies
  • ​Best objection handlers for agent attraction
  • ​Video training & examples for agent attraction
  • ​3 agents in 30 days challenge to get you your next 3 recruits in 30 days or less

Why Learn Agent Attraction From Gogo?

  • Started out in real estate broke, with no SOI.
  • Became a top producer organically through social media.
  • ​Attracted 137+ agents in just over 2 years
  • ​In the top 5 of agent recruiters out of over 38,000 agents at my brokerage
  • ​Attracts agents to reach out to her instead of the other way around
  • ​Broke company records as the fastest growing individual recruiter
  • ​Loves avocado toast. Yum!
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